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Alveolo pizzetta

Alveolo, a “pizzetta” by “Gigione e I Vesuviani”

Alveolo, a “pizzetta” in Pomigliano d’Arco.

From the joint venture between the Cariulo brothers – those of Gigione – and the De Maria brothers (of the I Vesuviani pizzeria) in the Neapolitan area, another “must stop” for all food lovers is born.

In Pomigliano D’arco, after the great success of the sandwiches (including those “pop-ups” dedicated to pizza makers) and of all the rest of the delicious menu by Gigione, the excellent pizzas byGianfranco Iervolino. The concept of the premises born from the Cariulo family butchery,  is giving rise to another good news related to pizza (indeed, as you will read in a moment, there is also another one that is less recent and that we will soon visit).

Alveolo, family stories.

We are talking about Alveolo Pizza Crunch, the new venue – or rather, the first stage of a format designed to be replicated elsewhere, starting from other locations in Campania – created by the collaboration between two families already protagonists of local gastronomy.

fratelli Cariulo On one side,  the Cariulo brothers: Gennaro, Raffaele and Alberto  who, combining the family tradition with the passion for good food, have managed to get the sandwich into the gourmand scope by working on quality, quantities and right prices.

On the other side. the De Maria brothers – Francesco and Federico – who run “I Vesuviani”, a pizzeria situated in Castello di Cisterna, not far from Pomigliano, where they offer both an “evolved” Neapolitan classic round pizza (with a beautiful swollen cornice) and Roman style pizza that we will visit soon.

Alveolo, the “pizzetta” in a modern way

alveolo pizzettaFederico,  was a pupil and collaborator of Gabriele Bonci. The blend he uses – at least the one that we tasted at Alveolo’s during winter holidays – clearly reflects this heritage, even if Federico is looking forward a more “local” way.

The firm crunch of the pizza base – given by the boosted cooking in the electric oven – and the great lightness with an almost “peeled” result, comes from an accurate blend o flours, a long leavening that starts from the poolish and a high hydratation of the dough.
It combines the softness  that recalls to mind of the typical “pizzetta” queen of snacks and quick lunches in this area, as an alternative to the round pizza: “A quick, frugal, yet savoury and full of taste meal”.

alveolo pizzettaAlso for this reason, the pizza here is sold in rectangular slices and served on a practical packaging designed specifically to allow eating without getting dirty, tearing apart the exceding cardboard by hand.

alveolo pizzetta

Alveolo, tastings

I prezzi? Per il momento – anche per supportare la fase di lancio del progetto, che sta già dando ottimi risultati – sono davvero irrisori: da 1,5 euro per le proposte “base” come Margherita e Marinara, passando per gli immancabili must come la Panna, prosciutto e mais o quella con Salsiccia e friarielli (buonissima!) fino a 3 euro per quelle più ricche ed elaborate.

Prices? They are really low  For the moment: also to support the starting phase of the project, which is already giving excellent results: from 1.5 euros for the “basic” proposals such as Margherita and Marinara, passing through  must such as the Panna, ham and corn or the one with sausage and friarielli (very good!) up to 3 euros for the most elaborate ones.

alveolo pizzetta

alveolo pizzettaAlthough they are never overly complex “recipes”, they are really generous in condiments: for example, Lasagna with tomato sauce, ricotta and meatballs, or the super-intense one with spicy Gorgonzola, pancetta (that of Stefano Bettella), and demi dried tomatoes with walnuts cream and walnuts.

Alveolo: the format.

The Alveolo format is still a work in progress but the brothers have clear ideas on how to proceed. At the moment pizza is provided by I Vesuviani in a red or white version, then it is completed with the condiments prepared in the Gigione’s kitchens: “Our kitchen staff has taken this new task with great enthusiasm and the boys alternate in preparing the condiments that we conceive together”, says Gennaro who has always focused a lot on the preparation of his collaborators.

However, a large, ad hoc centralized laboratory for bases and toppings, which will therefore also have dedicated personnel, is under construction. The idea is to give full dignity to a product that has always been considered a bit of a stopgap, or just intended for fast and “distracted” consumption. Just as it has already happened in Rome or in Veneto thanks to masters such as Bonci and Renato Bosco. In this perspective, the design of the room was conceived: a small space, designed for take-away or for quick eating on site, with the exposed in the counter (once chosen are regenerated with a second passage in the oven that accentuates the crunchiness) and some shelves with stools and a couple of outside tables. Yet, as already mentioned for the packaging, the details are carefully studied, the furnishings are functional but also aesthetically pleasing  and the staff kind and smiling.
The selection of the products used, almost always local and seasonal is of excellent quality. The choice of the beverage goes from the Birrone craft beers to the Paoletti soft drinks.

Alveolo Pizza Crunch
Via Ercole Cantone, 13
Pomigliano d’Arco (Na)

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