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The first guide entirely dedicated to Rome’s most iconic street food: Pizza by the slice (pizza al taglio)

A free digital handbook with 46 top go-to addresses to taste the delicious Roman street food, from the creators of the online magazines Pizza On The Road and Tavole Romane. 18 award winning places; foreword by Alessandro Pipero, owner at Pipero Roma and a great pizza connoisseur.

Launched in April 2018 in Italian only, the guide is now available in English too.

Thin and crunchy, with a generous amount of olive oil and (sometimes) a gentle layer of tomato sauce as it used to be sold in every traditional Roman bakery. Or thick and airy, extremely light, crisp and soft at the same time, topped with the best ingredients or real gourmet recipes. Pizza al taglio – the local name for pizza by the slice, usually baked in trays (teglie, hence the guide’s name) or on wooden peels, and sold by weight cut into rectangular stripes according to the customer’s choice – is the most iconic Roman street food, a true reference for locals and a must-eat for every visitor.

A traditional neighbourhood bakery for a quick slice, a regular take away only shop with a pizza counter and a couple of stools or the new, up-to-date trendy eateries where pizza is served at the table, the city is literally packed with pizza al taglio places.

Unfortunately, quality does not always match with quantity, and it’s sadly easy to be deceived by a soggy, bland or just lousy pizza. This is why Teglie Romane was born: to the delight of every pizza lover, it is the first and only free digital guide entirely dedicated to Rome’s best pizza al taglio.

Featuring 46 addresses scattered around the city – with the only exception for Sancho Pizza, located in Fiumicino which is just out of the city limits – the guide enlists the most reliable places where to eat a good pizza. These are divided by area (Historic Center and Trastevere; North Rome; East Rome; South Rome and West Rome) and category: Local bakeries, Pizza al Taglio stores and Pizza&Cook venues. Every entry has 2 pages, with info on the venue, their history, the pizzas and the authors pick of the “Unmissable” pizza.

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There also are 18 Categories’ Awards, from the best Red, Margherita or pizza with potatoes – a true Roman classic – to the best creative options, beer and wine offer and social media communication, and so on.


The foreword has been written by Alessandro Pipero,, a renowned restaurateur and a huge pizza lover himself. With his usual, unmistakable and sincere humour he pays homage to this delicious product noting  …After all, pizza is female and you know I love women”.

A tribute to one of the city’s most loved food, the guide is also intended as an acknowledgment to the big efforts, passion and strive for excellence offered by the best local pizzaioli. “Our aim – the authors say, without concealing their own passion for this delicious food – Is to give value to a real symbol of the Roman food scene, through the selection of a number of venues which stand out for the quality of their offer and for the passion and commitment dedicated to this simple, yet non easy at all, product”.

Created by the web magazines Pizza on the Road and Tavole Romane, the guide was first released in Italian only. Now, the English version is finally available, to be downloaded for free at the website

In the meantime, the authors have been continuing to hunt through the city’s boroughs (and further) in search for more, remarkable pizzas to report about on the website and in the 2019 edition of the guide which will be out next spring with updated and expanded contents.

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